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27 April 2005 @ 01:16 am
Yahoo and Info Request  

Here is Spooknic's new yahoo group. If you would like to receive info about spooknic and chat with other members this is a good place to be :) I know that many people don't use livejournal, so this would be a wonderful place to direct your friends who don't LJ but would like to come. *hint hint*

My husband and I will be traveling up to Sacramento hopefully in a few months to familiarize ourselves with the area a bit more. We have some visits with friends planned, and a Sunday night at a goth club (the name is escaping me at the moment - sorry). Any suggestions for places to check out - stuff to see? Anyone want to meet up over coffee? Suggestions on places to start looking for apartments.

Like I said we are moving in from out of the area so all help is muchly thanked :) I got the suggestion from one of you guys that meeting downtown SAC will help the group be the most successfull. I was thinking thats a great idea. For people who don't drive getting to the downtown of a city is usually pretty easy by bus or other transportations.

Would you guys like to see it in the same location all the time - or move it a round a bit? I was thinking that if we met on the same day of each month, or every other month in the same locale then even if you are not interneting you would know whats going on - but some people might like to mix it up a bit. Thoughts?
melusina_shadow on April 29th, 2005 05:51 am (UTC)
I live nesr monterey - if it bothers to get any warm in the summer its never for more than a week at a time, and at that not much higher than 70-75.

Its a lot more affordable to live up there than here, there is more things for us do to, friends that have moved up there, and we really wanted to just plain move. :) Im not much of a heat person but I am sure I will acclimatize.