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13 October 2005 @ 01:02 am
The exciting return of Spooknic!

Temporary location in the Central Coast area.

Stay tuned for more updates and gloomy lunches for all!
02 June 2005 @ 11:42 am
Poll #505160 More Spooknic Pollness!

WIll summertime in SAC be too hot to hold the spooknic outside?


How often would you like to see this event held?

Once a month
Once every other month
Semi- Annually
12 May 2005 @ 07:04 pm
What do you guys think about setting up some picnic themes? There is the obvious "unbirthday party" (Alice in Wonderland - esque), or perhaps a pirate theme - where we could have prizes for the best theme related outfit. Things like that. Any fun picnic themes that you can think of? What would be the best choice for the next spooknic?
27 April 2005 @ 01:16 am

Here is Spooknic's new yahoo group. If you would like to receive info about spooknic and chat with other members this is a good place to be :) I know that many people don't use livejournal, so this would be a wonderful place to direct your friends who don't LJ but would like to come. *hint hint*

My husband and I will be traveling up to Sacramento hopefully in a few months to familiarize ourselves with the area a bit more. We have some visits with friends planned, and a Sunday night at a goth club (the name is escaping me at the moment - sorry). Any suggestions for places to check out - stuff to see? Anyone want to meet up over coffee? Suggestions on places to start looking for apartments.

Like I said we are moving in from out of the area so all help is muchly thanked :) I got the suggestion from one of you guys that meeting downtown SAC will help the group be the most successfull. I was thinking thats a great idea. For people who don't drive getting to the downtown of a city is usually pretty easy by bus or other transportations.

Would you guys like to see it in the same location all the time - or move it a round a bit? I was thinking that if we met on the same day of each month, or every other month in the same locale then even if you are not interneting you would know whats going on - but some people might like to mix it up a bit. Thoughts?
19 April 2005 @ 02:04 pm
Poll #478085 Silly Spooknic Poll

My Picnic Blanket will be...

A dark bedsheet
A spooky looking blanket
The grass
Just something random

My basket will be...

A halloween bucket
A spooky looking basket
Just a regular basket...
Nothing! I eat air!
Paper Bag >_


100% Excited
75% Excited
50% Excited
25% Excited
Eh... I don't really care


I live in the Sacramento area.
I live just outside the area, and will travel
I live decently far away, and will travel
I can't be there, I just want to see all the even photo's or something similar

My Transportation includes

My car
A bus
A taxi cab
my feet
hitchhiking :D
Space ship

I am

Bringing lots of friends!
Just myself

I am interested in:

Promoting on my livejournal
Putting up fliers
Telling everyone I know
Kidnapping people
16 April 2005 @ 02:16 pm
No spooknic is not dead, and this community is not dead.

As many of you who know me personally are aware I have been a very busy girl, and the main reason for spooknic not getting rolling quite yet is the fact that I am moving up to Sacramento towards the end of this year. Spooknic will be restarted there.

I am going to make the first and last comment on this community in regards to the norcalspooknic community as to avert confusion. I started spooknic, I created the name spooknic, and put a hell of a lot of work into spooknic just to let the community go. Several years ago I spent a lot of time and my own money creating the old spooknic site, getting flyers all over town, and traveling two hours away by bus trying to get this thing started. The original spooknic came soley from my head.

The maintainer of the norcalspooknic community and I were once friends who parted ways not too long ago, I can understand why she would want to create her own community but I am not really sure why she couldn't be bothered to give that community an orignal name. These are two completely seperate groups, and this community can only wish that community the best of luck with what they are doing. As members, if you are attending events for norcalspooknic we are not going to be upset about it. I don't feel like anyone should feel like they can't attend both events if they want to. As far as this community is concerned we are not going to maintain some kind of level of dessention over personal issues that don't affect you guys.

In regards to the original idea of spooknic, Spoonic was created for a way to meet other spooky minded people over a nice quiet setting. We will be having our picnics in cemetaries, historical places, and maybe even parks. Dress to the hilt, pack a lunch and a spooky picnic blanket for games, photo's, and for a fun way to meet other spookies in your area.

This community is open membership, anyone is welcome to join. Even though it will be a little while before this picnic basket gets rolling again - please watch this space for updates. If you have questions, ideas, or comments feel free to leave them or make a post. I moderate posts made to this community only in an effort to keep your friends list from getting all sorts of spam that you didn't ask for.

Spooknic Originator
- Melusina

P.S. I do realise that this has the potential to create all sorts of unwarranted drama. If you have questions feel free to ask, but drama is not going to be tolerated in this community - and this will be the first and last you hear about the norcalspooknic issue from me.
17 July 2004 @ 12:30 pm
opulent_jezebel and I live in the Monterey Bay area. We have our own submission for the picnic, but since many of you seem to live in different areas it will probably be better to have the first picnic where the majority of people are. I am obviously not as familiar with other areas as I am to where I live. That said...we need some submissions for picnic locations.

Got a nice spot near you that you think would be a good spooknic spot?

1.) Take a couple of pictures, get location info...etc!
2.) Submit your location in the form of a post to spooknic. If you need image hosting lemme know - I will take care of it for you.
3.) After we have got a few good location ideas we will do a vote on where we would like to hold our first ever spooky picnic.

Hey - do us a favor and let your friends who would want to come know about spooky picnic...the more people the better!
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16 July 2004 @ 11:18 am
YA! This sounds like fun! Can't wait to meet everyone and just have a good time! :)
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01 January 1970 @ 05:50 pm
Its nice to see there is some interest this time around! The first time I tried to start Spooky Picnic it was because I wanted a way to meet more like minded people in my area. There aren't a lot of clubs around here (where I live) that you can get into unless you are of drinking age, and there are not a lot of events period. I thought that it would be fun to meet new people, explore new places, and sit down over a spooky picnic basket and get a chance to try lots of goodies!

Unfortunantly I was the only one who showed up to the first spooky picnic. Feeling a little butthurt I decided to give up on the idea. Now one of my friends is helping me get the kick in the rear I need to dust off my (pvc) pants and try it again! SO!

Heres the scoop so far:

Spooky picnic will be held at a different location each time, the location is up to vote by spooky picnic community members. We will also be voting on a picnic date fairly soon. join the community and add it to your friends list. (spooknic) Then you will be able to see all the latest happenings.

The first spooky picnic is hopefully going to be held this October sometime.

A web-site is in the works, as well as an image gallery where you will be able to upload your spooknic memories after the events, or post your picture in the atendees section to introduce yourself to the rest of us.

I would really like to hold a picnic basket contest! Bring/Make the best picnic basket to spooknic and you could win a prize! I will be bringing a camera to take pictures of the baskets of those wishing to enter. After the event community members can vote for thier favorite basket.

We will probably hold some best dressed/best spooky picnic treat contests as well. Maybe we can elect a picnic Queen/King/Person.

*Community Rules*
Feel free to post questions/comments/ideas to discuss. I am moderating posts so yours may not appear right away but will soon so be patient!

Positivity please! Picnics are supposed to be fun! Please be respectfull to all fellow community members.

Spooky picnic is aimed at goths, but not only for goths...we welcome our EGL/punk/rocker/whatever friends as well! Labels aren't everything...if you feel like you want to be here...you are welcome to be here!
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